Steve the onion man.

Steve the Onion man was created by DoDo1234 at the start of year 8, when he was doing a cartoon to show forces in science. To start with, Steve had brothers. DoDo would make cartoons about them in a blue book. But after some time, Steve's brother was scraped, leaving just Steve. DoDo would draw him to represent things. In RE., he was a tour guide. He would feature somewhere on posters in media, or art, maybe. On sports day, DoDo always takes a 'Whittle Rock!' banner with Steve the onion on it.

Steve the onion man is now DoDoco.'s logo, and often appears on DoDoCo. advertisements, with a world war theme. This World war theme was sparked off by the multiple lessons he had in RE, history, and ECM day, to do with the World war, and the World War II. The posters are normally popular world war posters with the text changed, and the face of Steve the onion man put where a brave man might be stood, or where the thing that may have caused great destruction may have been. A good example is the 'Don't Anger The Onion' poster, where there is the Steve the onion man, crushing a building, when before it was a nazi's foot crushing a building. But the most

Steve Attack

The 'don't anger the onion' advert.

The most famous of the posters is the poster in which Steve the onion man is saying 'fellow people from around the globe, DoDoCo. NEEDS YOU, GOD SAVE STEVE THE ONION MAN', where there is a picture of steve the onion man's face pointing at the viewer.

Steve the onion man is almost two years old now. His Dad was a turnip, and his mother was an Onion. They lived for a year in vegetable land, but when he applied to become mascot of DoDoco., he had to move to England. Now he lives in Wootton Bassett, near where the DoDoco. office is based.

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