A list of the enemys

This is a list of all the different enemys you will bump into on the game save the prince.


This creature walks up and down his path. Jump on his head. It was this sort of creature that stole the Prince at the start of the game.

2)Blue GroundosaurusEdit

This Groundosaurus is blue. Other than the fact that its faster and a different colour, its still as simple to kill and as stupid. It is a little harder to jump on, though.

3)Giant GroundosaurusEdit

This groundosaurus is extremely big, and harder to reach. This is why its so surprising to find out that it is very easy to kill. Reach the top of the level, then jump on its head.


This creature flies around on the same path. Its just about as stupid as a Groundosaurus.

5)Orange flyosaurusEdit

This creature is like an Flyosaurus, but Orange in colour, and faster.

6)Giant FlyosaurusEdit

An over sized Flyosaurus. Dies just as easy though.


This creature stands in the same spot and jumps. They get in your way, so jump on its head.


This monster has spring that it bounces on. They are harder to get to.


This nasty little monster races down areas like it owns the place. Crush him, and let him know who's the boss!!! Can, however, become hard to catch.


This creature crawls up and down back walls, trying to catch prey. Squish it.

11)Auto turretsEdit

These things fire balls at you. Dodge the balls and work your way towards it, but don't rush.

12)Gianto turretEdit

A giant auto turret. Workers used to get up to this using a path, when the factory was in working order, to put in materials. The machine would make steel which would go for pipe making. But because the factory was abandoned, it went a little aggressive... Use the old path the workers used to get on top of it.


These need a lot of power to run. They only last two seconds before they lose their power and their blades, so while they are powerless, squish them!


These ghosts can't be stopped walking their forever path, up and down a lonely path. They have the ability to walk through walls. Just keep away from them.

15)Chasing GhooleEdit

These ghosts will chase you around the screen. Get away quickly.


These undead skeletons can be stunned by jumping on them. Move away, though, before they get back up.


These small Demuns will be thrown at you by the parents. Its very unlikely that any will actually survive until adulthood, because of the risk of being thrown into something. Dodge them, or crush them for more points.


These are adults, and use their offspring to attack enemys. They also breath Ghoole, which, after each wave of thrown enemy, will solidify. Take your chance, and use the solid Ghoole as stairs to kill the Demun


These things will stab you and crush you if your not careful. Be sure to time your movement right.


Evil, dodge these and crush them. They are not really fish, but monsters disguised.

21)Puffer fishEdit

Its spikes are poisonous, so keep your distance.

22)Giant Puffer fishEdit

You can't touch it. Look for something that might be able to get to it.

23)Jack'n' a boxEdit

This giant toy is the boss of Toybox. Wait for him to pop out his box. He will throw something at you, or shoot you. Dodge everything, and try to jump at him. now while he flashes, get away. He will repeat this process until death.

24)The last boss...Edit

The last boss must be hit off the platform, then he will start to fly into the air and drops down diddleydumper. He will then throw rocks at you using his mind. Repeat this process until he dies.

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