princess Cherry and the prince going out for a picnic.

This was DoDoCo.'s very first game. It was made using the aid of a game maker tutorial. The story was that Princess Cherry and the Prince were out on a picnic when the prince was kidnapped by the creatures of the forest, who were using his blood to attempt becoming all powerful, and taking over the ten worlds, and now the Princessmust travel through the worlds to find him.There are 8 worlds you travel to in the game. Thats the forest world, the sky world, the pipe factory, the creepy caves, the beach world, the desert kingdom, The toy box, and the Dark world, where you find the final boss.Each world has five levels. On the first three levels, you must find the exit. on the next level, you must find and kill all enemys . On the last level, you must kill a boss. The first three bosses can be easily killed in one hit. The rest may need to be killed using items, like auto turrets (beach world boss) or with multiple timed hits. The last boss must be hit off the platform, when he flys into the air and drops down enemys. He then sends rocks from the lava, flying at you.

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