She stands in her doorway, ready to set and fly.

Maggie is a young witch. She will be two hundred and twenty seven this year (2010).

She stars in the game, Halloween flight , as the main character.

About one hundred and ninety three years ago (1817), she was burned alive, whilst being hanged. She complained she had a bruise before possessing everyone, and getting them to free her.

She is a friendly young witch, who has the power to cast spells of electric, and can make people do stuff with her psychic abilities. She is best with fire, and can do good damage with a nicely aimed fire spell. She can also fly with her broom stick.

Maggie's Birthday was on the 4th of January, 1783. She likes to cook such things as frogs brains. Her house is on top of a hill near Hallow city, where st. Tony was born. The town is always dark, to her liking. She says "its a calm place, where everyone knows each other". She told us that she just enjoyed the community spirit.

She has three cats, a tarantula, five turtles, and a pumpkin. The pumpkin had a spell put on it, so now it's alive. Maggie doesn't need a wand to cast spells. A grade A+ student in both Defending arts and potions, she has managed to get into Witchery University. She loves to sew and makes Cloaks for formal occasions. To cut down her Carbon footprint, she uses magic to power her electrical machines.

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