FIRE ROCK is a game not yet fully published. You play as a male character (not yet named). It will be about a man who is stopping a mad man from stealing a nuke. There will be about 40 odd levels, packed with action and puzzles. You use the direction buttons left and right to walk, whilst using Z to jump and X to punch enemys. You can also jump on enemys heads.

Hearts and tomatoes can be found during game play. The hearts add lives to your life count (To begin with you only have five). If you run out of lives you will have to start the whole level again. Tomatoes add to your health. If you run out of health, you will die. Also, when you are under water, you breath goes down. To get breath, get your head above the water. If you run out of breath, your health will slowly start to go down.

To complete a level, you must find the Teleport. This will take you to the Level select screen. About half way through levels, you will find check points.These are handy because if you die with lives, you will be brought back to these points.

This game is property of DoDoCo. The programmer is DoDo1234, and Matt the mango did the majority of the level design.

Click HERE to play.

Click HERE to Download.

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