A shotgun

Featuring 3D graphics made using a 3D modeler, 5 guns, lots of bangs and enemys, this challenging FPS is easy to get lost in. A lot of people say it can get a little scary. It has no story, its simply guns and monsters. The aim of the game is to get out of the building. You get 5 weapons; A knife, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, and a mega machine gun. You walk with W,A,S, and D. You turn your view left and right using J and L. You shoot using K. To choose your guns use 1 to 5 on the key board.

At the start of the game you don't have guns, and don't yet really need them as you can't get past the barrels to where the enemys are until you have your first weapon, the knife, but once you start the game properly, guns will be vital for your survival.

The knife is an okay weapon. It kills in one stab, and is pretty fast. However, The range isnt to good, so you must go right up to your enemy to kill it. The pistol, however, has a better punch, and about the same speed. It does take two hits to kill blue enemys, however. The shotgun kills everything in one hit and has a good enough range, but takes a while to reload. The machine gun is fast and has an okay range, but doesnt do much damage and takes at least two hits. The mega machine gun is the same as the machine gun with better range and speed, making it the ultimate weapon.

The whole game was by DoDo1234.

Click HERE to play.

Click HERE to download

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