DoDo1234 is the code name for DoDoCo.'s owner. He spends most his time on game maker, creating GML to put into his games. As he is a beginner, he had stuck to the tutorials until barry the beaver, which he started creating in about may. He loves games, and hopes to get the chance to make it big in the game making industry.


DoDo1234's true face.

DoDo began the game programming hobby in year 8. He started using the program called 'Mission maker'. Mission maker was a simple little program that, although it had floaty controls (that weren't really changeable) made pretty nice looking games. He made one game he was really proud of named 'The sci-fi spaceship'. But mission makers features were limited, so he moved on.

The second program he used was called 'Scratch'. The program could be used to make loads of pretty nice stuff, with simple drag'n'drop puzzle-like pieces that slotted together. Again, some things were limited, like the way that the graphics were a little bad. So again, he moved on.

DoDo1234 tryed loads of programs, like kodu and flash, etc, but his personal favorite program was game maker, created by Yoyo games. He loved the freedom of the program, and began using it for his games.


DoDo has been with Yoyo games since January 2010. His company lets people download free games from his site at;

the links on this site lead to Yoyo games, which is where he uploads his games.

This is his Yoyo games Account for his games;

And this is his fan page on facebook;

To email DoDo send your email to;



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