Barry the beaver is a game where you play as a beaver named Barry. When an evil mole steals the sticks from his dam, he must embark on a long adventure to get his home back.

He attacks his enemys by throwing stones at them. This can be done with the X button. Throwing a stone at an enemys means your stone count goes down. Keep looking for stones to replace the ones you use. If you can't find any stones, press s. this will take you to the shop, where you can buy two things; stones or hearts. Buying stones adds to your stone count. This means you have more stones to attack the enemy with. Or you can buy hearts, and get more life on your Life bar. All purchases come in two packs. A medium one costs little money, but a big pack costs twice as much. For example, a big health pack costs you 100 coins and gives you 60% health, but a medium health pack costs 50 coins, and gives you 30% health. It is important you save health and stones. Without stones, Barry can not defend himself. If his health bar goes all the way down he dies, and you have to start the level again, and all the sticks go back to their original positions. The good thing, however, is that you have unlimited lives. This means you can die all you like, but you will never get game over.

The programming of the game was done by DoDo1234 , whilst the sprites were made by Burky the pear.

Click HERE to play.

Click HERE to download.


Barry throws a stone at a hedgehog.

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